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Presenting: Creative Tech Week, NYC

Presenting Interactive Public Art Can Help Make a Better World, at Creative Tech Week, New York City, April 29-May 8th, 2016. 

Digitally Interactive Artist, Paige Dansinger has creative ideas for Interactive Public Art that contributes to healing the world and making it a better place with new technology. Paige will demonstrate in this presentation how emerging new mobile technology and social media can be used in Interactive Public Art and museums in fun, playful and new ways by creating social games-like experiences, interactive public artwork that contributes to social good, and by participating in new art experiences happening right now on our mobile phones in the city streets, our museums, classrooms, and public spaces- creating stimulating new art experiences. 

Paige's creative ideas uses new M2M, or "Machine to Machine" mobile sensors that enable many new forms of engagement. Including, being able to tweet to artwork, have artwork or galleries communicate with each other and share new forms of storytelling directly to one's mobile device. These emerging technologies can lead new forms of social gaming and museum education. Smart-devices for environmental and personal wearable sensors have the ability to transform public spaces and museums into global experience centers.

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Artist and Art Historian, Paige Dansinger, delivers this Video Presentation "Iot, New Technology, and Unconventional Social Media for Museums" as a plea to help make a better world. This is for the Museum Computer Network's Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN (2015).
Artist Paige Dansinger illustrates on self-designed iPad drawing program how INST-INT last year changed her art. Ultimately, the examples demonstrate that "Interactive Art can help heal the world." This 5-minute Show & Tell video is being presented today at INST-INT 2015 at The Walker Art Center. Learn more: