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Art Exhibit including Digital Interactive Video, A Virtual Reality Empathy Experience, Interactive Projections, and Installation. Opens in Mpls. City Center Atrium and the Mpls. Center for Digital Art: Dec 8th, 3-9pm. This free public event is the Grand Opening of the 5to10 Community Placemaking Partnership Project, with the Domestic Abuse Project (DAP), by Hennepin Theatre Trust's 5to10, Partners in Public Spaces, and Southwest Airlines. 


Video: Animated Drawings by Survivors of Domestic Abuse at DAP

Artist Paige Dansinger leads #5to10 Community Collaboration, with Artists Hattie Ball and Seth Gibson, for Placemaking Public Art with the Domestic Abuse Project (DAP). 

Purple Flowers are created on iPads each week with self-designed software DrawArt. Next, the digital purple flowers will be transformed into an interactive VR empathy opportunity to support DAP by Artists, Hattie Ball and Seth Gibson. 

Granted by Hennepin Theatre Trust, Partners in Public Spaces, and Southwest Airlines Co. 


Creative Idea

A purple ribbon is the only national symbol for survivors of domestic abuse. Offering participants a choice of drawing a purple flower or leaf creates visual identity and unity. Purple flowers and leaves drawn on iPads by survivors of domestic abuse will be turned into a blossoming field of flowers projected on a large building front, and 70" video screen in a street vendor tent (with DAP info). The projection and video will also include messages and statistics about domestic abuse. When a person donates a dollar (most of $400 budget is for "free community dollars") to the DAP, a digital bee will pollinate the purple flower creating a generous visual display. People are also able to experience the purple flowers, leaves, bees, and pollen in Virtual Reality! An immersive journey through a purple flower world and facts of abuse allows for intimate empathy building. Google Cardboard VR headsets (donated by Northern Spark) will be available for the public to use during the launch at the "Purple Flower" street vendor tent. Social media will help create community and global support by contributions, personal stories, and drawings #purpleflower #supportsurvivors


Artist and Community Partners

Domestic Abuse Project, (DAP) is amazing to work with! The staff and survivors have been welcoming and kind people! As a survivor, I am honored to have this opportunity to work with them. The project stipulated that I was to meet twice with them, however we have met about 10 times and draw almost every week together. The staff has downloaded software so that they can draw with clients when I'm not there or at other safe-house sites.

Artists, Hattie Ball and Seth Gibson, (my Techtopian creative partners. We have created the Interactive Clouds video for Creative Tech Week and other projects), will create a VR Empathy Experience and Interactive Video Display, and opportunity to donate to DAP. Stephan Stephans will help integrate it all into DAP's website. 

Joan Vorderbruggen and the team at Hennepin Theatre Trust are the magic behind the WeDo Cultural Corridor along Hennepin Ave in Downtown Minneapolis. This #5to10 Project is funded by Partners in Public Spaces, and Southwest Airlines.  


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