Museum Draw is digital art history. You may follow on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, or watch Youtube videos.

In 2012 I designed a html drawing program prototype, with Dr. Clement Shimizu of the Elumenati, for museum engagement and education called Draw Art. Museum Draw began by playing the mobile game Draw Something (Zynga) one Monday morning... I basically drew images from museums (as responses to the game), and posted them on Twitter with links back to the original - and museums loved them!!! Read about how I quit my 3 jobs at a museum to draw on my iPhone all day. 

The ultimate goal was to use fun & friendly Museum Draw as a "rainbow bridge" to discuss difficult subjects; genocide, antisemitism, social and sexual violence, exile, war, racism, classism, and systems of abuse inherent in the objects inside of our museums.

Works have been included in an exhibit at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NYC, presented at the Met's Digital Media Lab, and many more One Day Digital Art Residencies, special projects, and presentations in museums. Highlights also include being a Top 10 Instagram Artist to Follow ARTNews Magazine, and winning an award by Arts Future Classroom, City University Hong Kong, and as primary consultant for Hang Art, a Top NYT drawing and children's literacy app. To connect more with the local public, Museum Draw became a free weekly public MeetUp Group at Mia. This experience became a Case Study Presentation at Museums and the Web's 20th Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, and Lightening Presentation at Museum Computer Network, Creative Tech Week NYC, and more. I also led an "Art in the Round" public tour at Solomon R. Guggenheim, NYC.  A recent collaboration with NEWPALMYRA and Disquiet Junto on a VR and Sound Art Project, and the Erfurt Ring in VR, are some projects highlighting world heritage and culture, in which Museum Draw is dedicated to.

Here's an always growing encyclopedic archive of 3000+ digital images drawn in museums all over the world. Please understand as I continually upload, title, link, and tag them. Thank you to all the museums and people who have drawn with me, RT, and supported this work! If you have questions on the works, attributes, or want to inquire about having Museum Draw activate your museum collections please email me!