Creative Tech Week NYC: "Creative Tech for A Better World," Brooklyn Public Library

Part of my Presentation for Creative Tech Week will focus on how MuseumDraw is a Rainbow Bridge to a Better World. The following videos will demonstrate MuseumDraw highlighting World Heritage Sites. New-Narritives explore Feminine Identity in geographical locations experiencing political upheaval, subjected to war, sexual and social violence. These stories represent some of the forgotten, marginalized, and vulnerable voices found in our museums. 

Yemenite Marriage Necklaces, @MetMuseum & @TheJewishMuseum

For #Unite4Heritage and Yemen Heritage Week, Paige Dansinger draws silver Yemenite Jewish Wedding Necklaces from the collections of the @MetMuseum and @TheJewishMuseum. It will be presented at Creative Tech Week, NYC, 2016.

Armenian Lace Roundels, @MetMuseum

I examine examples of Armenian Lace small roundels in the collection of the Met Museum. These examples are used to discus Feminine Identity during social violence, war, and genocide. As a result of media blackout and global denial, I did not even know of the history of the Armenian Genocide until learning about it on Twitter.

Iznik Plates, Gallery 460, @MetMuseum

As terror attacks plague the residents and visitors to Turkey. I draw 15-17th C.plates from Iznik in Western Anatolia, Turkey and investigate the role of Women in Islamic Art. Ultimately this is a meditation for peace in that region and the world. The works illustrated here are on view in Gallery 460 at the @MetMuseum. Learn more: Watch "Women and the Muslim World—Patrons, Artists, Muses, and Instigators," Met Museum, 2012.


Islamic Prayer Rugs, @MIAQatar

I draw Prayer Rugs from Museum Islamic Art, Doha Qatar with #DrawArt. Ultimately it's my prayer for peace for these regions in conflict.

Palmyra: Queen Zenobia

Palmyra, 267-273 CE. Queen Zenobia, believed by some to be Jewish, ruled the Levant. She took the crown from her dead husband and conquered Judea and Egypt. Her rebellion against Rome launched the destruction of Palmyra in 273. Palmrya sank into obscurity afterwards. Today Palmyra faces total destruction again.

New Technology in Museums for a Better World (Edited, Museum Computer Network, 2015)

In this edited version of my #MCN2015 Case Study, I call out to museums to put their palms up for Palmyra. New Technology may help make a better world. 

The Parthenon

Inspired by the Met Media Lab's Projection of the Temple of Dendur, I draw my first sketches of The Parthenon, including East and West Pediments, and Peplos Scene. These preliminary sketches made wonder what color everything really was and how it would look projection mapped onto the Parthenon..