I wanted to create a new museum community with the people I was inspired by on Twitter. The people I was friends with online were experimenting with AR, apps and game design, as well as writing and sharing ideas about mobile technology for museums. I attended the Museum Computer Network's Annual Meeting (#MCN2012). 

While attending I felt completely welcomed by this museum community. They all worked off of each other's energy, work and progressive ideas. Plus, they seemed to really like each other - and me!! I attended several conference sessions that were really fascinating. While I was listening I decided not to tweet soundbites, thoughts or follow-up links applicable to the presentation - my fingers just couldn't type and edit as fast as my brain was going and I wanted to just absorb and learn by listening. 

Although I was still in the design process with #DrawArt, it was still operable for drawing and demonstrations for people I met. I whipped-it out during one of the sessions and started to draw the presenter. I tweeted it to the person speaking and added the hashtag of the conference and session I was attending. Someone re-tweeted (RT) my drawing.. and then someone RTed the RT. My drawing was shared and liked and all of a sudden, I had a bunch of new friends following me!

I knew that "friend-like-share" was one of the most important models to build community, create inclusiveness & participation, and foster meaningful connectivity -- all of this was happening live at #MCN2012!

The following are my drawings from the remaining sessions, and courtroom-syle illustrations from a mock-trail: Museums vs. Google Art Project. These are my first drawings at a museum conference. This started a tradition of drawing museum professionals while presenting and their portraits, or avatars.  

#MCNkick: Liz NeelyDon Undeen and Tim Svenonius #MCNmore:  Erica Gangsei with The Present GroupHol Art BooksSarah Hromack #MCN2012goog: Michael Peter EdsonRyan Donahue, Special Guest from GAP, Piotr Adamczyk Please see GAPwiki for full list of panel members and trial transcript, including my drawings.