Northern Spark Festival

Northern Spark: Common Urban Edible Plants June 15-16th downtown Minneapolis Hennepin County Library. 

Common Urban Edible Plants native to Minneapolis grow all over downtown, including the ground that the Hennepin County Library rests upon. Artist-in-residence for the Spencer Collection in the Minneapolis Athenaeum, I invite members of the Best Buy Teen Tech Lab to join her in drawing common urban edible plants in digital and virtual reality. Regaining traditional edible and medicinal knowledge while using new creative technology helps make 17-19th century botanical prints relevant to today’s young audiences.

Contributing Artists: Hattie Ball, Kat Moon, and Brian Skalak

Team Credits: Hattie Ball, Marlyn Anderson, members of the Best Buy Teen Tech Center at Minneapolis Central Library, and the Minneapolis Athenaeum

"Common Urban Edible Plants" for Northern Spark Festival, 2018. Artist Kat Moon Remixes Paige Dansinger's VR drawings after Mary Delany's (1700-1784) botanical paper-collages in the collection of British Museum. Published in "Mrs. Delany: Her Life and Her Flower"s, Ruth Hayden (1980) at Minneapolis Athenaeum.

At Better World Museum, we have created our first AR App. Director of VR, Hattie Ball used Unity + Vuforia to transform Paige Dansinger's VR drawings in Tilt Brush from t-shirts created at the museum. Here, I demonstrate it at Northern Spark Press-Night.

Member of the Best Buy Teen Tech Center, Raquie, draws urban edible plants native to Minneapolis, and indigenous ground the library and Better World Museum occupies. Inspired by the Spencer Collection at the Minneapolis Athenaeum. Rauqie uses the Oculus Rift and the Oculus Go.