Yoga + VR

At Better World Museum we are experimenting with combining Yoga + VR drawing to help create a vizualization of energy, healing, and transformation. Yoga instructor Tera Kilbride leads the movement, and with some simple instruction in VR, the participants draw using Tilt Brush with an Oculus Rift, or Paint VR in Oculus Go. One may study the before and after drawings to see transformation after yoga, movement, and meditation. I believe this practive may help relieve anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, and more illnesses leading towards optimal healing, and a more healthy lifestyle. 

My Vibrational Waves, Oculus Go. Yoga + VR III

My Vibrational Waves, Oculus Go. Yoga + VR III

Yoga + VR: Class One

Yoga + VR II: Body Mapping 

Workshop description: When we align our intention with our body’s energy we have infinite inner resources in which to pursue our life’s purpose, or moreover, allow it flow. Yoga re-connects us to our body’s energy, removes blockages. Using virtual reality drawing tools, we will get the opportunity to create a 3-D image of our intention, a visual we can literally see and experience as we practice our yoga. Virtual Reality is known to aide in healing and wellness. This special workshop focuses on setting intentions, getting the Winter-blahs out of our bodies and guide us into a fresh body so there are more room and opportunity for newness. 

Draw in VR with Digital Artist, Paige Dansinger. Experience a full Yoga session with Tera Kilbride. Finish with a final drawing in VR. The group will share their drawings in a common VR Space. No drawing or VR experience necessary. 

Come set your intention, then f l o w through this 2-Part Yoga Series: INTENTION//EMBODY//GROW//FLOW. 

Body Mapping 

Yoga + VR III: Oculus Go