VR Garden + XR Pioneer: Shenzhen & Beijing

Part of my proposal for Facebook Community Leadership Program (FCLP) was to make new relationships in global centers of technology. XR Pioneer founded by Paola Paulino was an incredible partner and host of VR Garden and Better World Museum PopUp during July-August 2019. Performing live in Shenzhen and Beijing to audiences on LED screens. One audience member, 10-year-old Dylan and his parent were called on stage to learn how to draw in VR. “It’s easy to handle and more interesting than drawing on paper,” Dylan noted.

Photos: XR Pioneer

“On July 12, the International School of Nanshan Shenzhen (ISNS) hosted a VR art demonstration led by Paige Dansinger and organized by XR Pioneer, an education technology company that aims to bring the power of VR and all of XR, the umbrella term for computer-altered reality, to students at K-12.

Founded in 2002, ISNS provides classes for students from kindergarten to grade 12 of 40+ nationalities to help them think independently and pursue their dreams in an era of technological breakthroughs. “Cooperating with XR Pioneer, ISNS runs a VR Pilot Program which is one of the first K-12 immersive technology programs in Asia that specifically focuses on emerging immersive technologies, empowering students’ creative use of VR in their learning journey,” said Paulino, founder of #isnsVR. “ —Shenzhen Daily

VR Garden Remixed with members of Draw Together: VR Garden (Facebook), including Siciliana Trevino Johnson, Laurie ONeill, Sabby Lighf, Pascal Sender. Remix Garden [link]

While I was in China, members of the Draw Together: VR Garden Facebook group remixed the VR Garden in Tilt Brush posted on June 19th on Poly. It was a surprise to see people mixing it from another continent, I could’ve signed into Tilt Brush to repost them but was ok with the garden growing wild in it’s own way while I was in China. This video is a compilation of GIFs of some of the members.

VR Butterflies. VR Garden is a global movement for community + climate by Better World Museum

I demonstrated how to draw in Tilt Brush live on stage at International School Nashan Shenzhen (ISNS) with the direction and partnership of XR Pioneer Ltd. This video includes work from 10-yr-old who volunteered to learn to draw live on stage.