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Art Exhibit including Digital Interactive Video, A Virtual Reality Empathy Experience, Interactive Projections, and Installation. Opens in Mpls. City Center Atrium and the Mpls. Center for Digital Art: Dec 8th, 3-9pm. This free public event is the Grand Opening of the 5to10 Community Placemaking Partnership Project, with the Domestic Abuse Project (DAP), by Hennepin Theatre Trust's 5to10, Partners in Public Spaces, and Southwest Airlines. 

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#NEWPALMYRA and more

MuseumDraw's creator, Paige Dansinger, uses self-designed drawing software for the iPad to animate an introductory video for #NEWPALMYRA, a group dedicated to Digital Archeology, Cultural Development, and Open Data projects to carry the rich history of Palmyra to the next generations.

I've also been developing MuseumDraw for Disabled and remote audiences. Several sessions with MuseumDraw enthusiast, Mike Bee, (temporarily disabled after an accident), allowed an opportunity to develop Skype and Facebook Video sessions. Mike's passion is Islamic Art, culture and spirtualism. 

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BEES: Exhibit & 2Min VR Fest

Bees: Exhibit & VR Film Fest at the Minneapolis Center for Digital Art. Including: Carolyn Frischling, Isaac Budmen, Martha Hipley, Andrew Krahn, Nathanael Flink, Hattie Ball and Paige Dansinger. Cover Image: Carolyn Frischling & Isaac Budmen

Exhibition Dates: Aug - Sept 29rd 

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New Works

Bees, Pollen and Clouds are activated by animated digital experiences. Using self-designed software objects are vehicles for projection mapping, watching animated gifs by scanning QR Codes, or light- up with LEDs. Materials include recycled materials, 3M reflective fabrics, lenticular vinyl, LiliPad LEDs, conductive thread. Most are prototypes for continuing digital experiments that will include sound, motion, biometrics, as well as multi-person and community mobile participatory experiences.

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