Museums and the Web, 2013

At #MCN2012, one of the first portraits I drew was of Rich Cherry, @richcherry. We were sitting in the lounge. I drew Rich with my iPhone and shared it with him. He invited me to Museums and the Web's Annual Conference, 2013, as an Artist-in Residence, to draw Digital Avatars. I drew around 40 Avatars but before the end of the conference I drew another 35-40 more. Everyone wanted one and used their Avatars for their Twitter Profile Photo. 

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De Cordova Sculpture Park & Museum

One-Day Digital Art Residency

Jenn Schmitt, @bantryhillHead of Information Technology and Electronic Communications at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, and I connected on Twitter. Their 2013 app was new and the museum was closed for an exhibition installation. Art Writer/Blogger, Anulfo Baez, @EvolvingCritic, highlighted our collaboration in a really article in Big, Red & Shiny Magazine.

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Cooper-Hewitt 2013

Everyday I'm #DrawArt-ing

Almost everyday I walked from where I stay, in UES, past the Cooper-Hewitt Museum (then closed for renovations) to the Met Museum to draw on my iPad. As a result of my curiosity of what may possibly be held inside the closed museum, I began to draw the Cooper-Hewitt's Object of the Day from their new website. I drew them everyday for the next thirty days to highlight Museum Month. The cool people in the Digital Media Department at Cooper-Hewitt liked what I was doing!

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ARTnews Magazine

Artist to Follow on Instagram

Included in ARTnews Magazine as an "Artist to Follow on Instagram"!! This original post was by Robin Cembalest, posted 01/17/13, was in the Top Ten Most-Read Posts of 2013. It's very nice to be recognized as a Digital Artist using technology, social media, and art history with other Contemporary Artists today. Thank you ARTnews!

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Museum Computer Network, 2012

I finally found my people at the Museum Computer Network in 2012. It was the first time I met other museum-tech people from all over the world. Instead of tweeting, I introduced myself in a new unique way by drawing the Presenters speaking live. It was a hit and I made many new friends that embraced me as both an Artist and Museum Professional.

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The Story of #DrawArt

After leaving Mia, I wanted to do more with mobile technology. This is the story of how I became inspired by the mobile game Draw Something (Zynga). As a result, I teamed up with Dr. Clement Shimizu of The Elumenati, Immersive Projection Design to learn how to design and create #DrawArt. A drawing program for the iPad ideal for museums, students and artists. 

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