Participatory Wellness Spaces

Participatory Wellness Spaces create the opportunity for social healing and collective wellbeing. Drawing Remixes inside of Tilt Brush's Poly offers any person ability to add to the drawings. Drawing a better world together inside of a 360 space where all are welcome, have a voice, reconnect in a healing place, and may find themselves

Seascape is a place to escape. It contains several scenes inside of caves, hot springs, hidden valleys, medicinal herbs, healing crystals... 

Artist, and Director of Better World Museum, Paige Dansinger, draws a Seascape Wellness Space in VR using Tilt Brush 

Photos of Seascape 

Add Your Snowflakes 

This inclusive space was created by many museum visitors who learned how to draw in VR for the first time. We are each unique and special snowflakes. This space allows everyone to express themselves. 

Visitors may add their snowflakes in VR or on a collaborative painted mural. 

Please find the lost mitten!

Snow person missing a mitten

Importance of Play: Offering an extra game for public to participate in creates an unexpected opportunity for fun & reward!

Simple rules ask friends to find the snow person's lost mitten, take a photo, & share.

I'm wishing on a star.. I'm wishing on a dream

Drawing a galaxy full of stars puts things into perspective, makes one feel part of something larger, and reminds you that you are a star! Visitors to Better World Museum can draw stars and find themselves in the world. This experience is transformitive and sparks wonder. 

Personally, I fully recommend some disco healing. Tune into what I'm listening to as I draw this week: Glitterbox Radio Show Compilation "Disco's Revenge" including Randy Crawford's "Wishing On A Star" (27:27).

Feeling Stormy? Let the Rain Fall... 

Stress, Pain, Anxiety, Depression all were on the rise in 2017. This exercise in letting it out, leaning into grief, loss, and sorrowful emotions may help some people with PTSD to have a safe place to be. I like to remember that it's alright to cry